Dynamics of Solitons in Polyacetylenes

  • Graduate Student
    • Todd DeVore
  • Collaboration
    • Alan Todd Yeates, U. S. Air Force Academy
    • Douglas Dudis, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  • Computer Resources
    • Parallel Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation Program
    • CM-5 at Army High Performance Computing Resource Center
    • CM-5E at Naval Research Lab.
  • Publication
    • American Physical Society 1997 March Meeting (Kansas City)
    • R. Kawai, T. DeVore, X. F. Duan, A. T. Yeates, J. Weare DoD Mission Success 1996, p. 83, "Conducting and Semiconducting Polymers by Design"

Dynamics of Spin Soliton
Bright spots indicate spin polarized region.

mpeg movie

This work is partly supported by AFOSR and WPAFB